error report model contains more than 1 top level data layout

Hey there,

Good morning y'all!

I'm a first-time user and trying my hand out at creating the first of my reports. I've been following the tutorials and have gotten about creating the basic skeleton of my report model.

However, when I try to "Preview Data" with my sample data set, I'm getting an error that says as follows:
"Report_Source : Report model contains more than one top level data layout. Only one top level data layout is allowed."

The thing is I haven't really added a header region, as there is no data region in the report which wouldn't change in the next input source file. So just added the data fields as is under 1 section. This is how my model looks like as of now:

Any help would be appreciated in this regard.

P.S. : These are sample monthly reconciliation reports.

Thanks in advance,

Praveen V Menon




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