Multiple Input/Output Expressions, much like QA rules

there should be the ability to have a transformation that allows you to put all source elements into a multi-expression box, much like the way that the QA rules or route transformations work.  unless i am missing something, I have to drag about 50 expressions onto my dataflow for every single transformation related to a single data source, whereas i can simply drag one QA rules transformation, for example, and add multiple rules within that single transformation.

I beleive you are able to create "custom" functions/expressions in some round-about way using visual studio or something of this nature.  but it would be incredibly expedient for me to have a transformation where I could apply expressions to a number of different elements all in the same place.  the way i have it set-up currently, i have like 50 different expression boxes with lines all over the place.  and when i "auto-layout" the diagram, the transformations go all over the place and it looks like nonsense.


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