Redeploying a Virtual Data Model

A user may want to redeploy a virtual data model after modifying it. In such cases, businesses can not afford to lose all data that was either cached earlier or is being accessed by other users. To serve this purpose, Astera Data Virtualization allows users to redeploy a virtual data model.

Users can make changes in the already existing VDM. This may include layout changes, changes to the cache table indexes, renaming virtual entities, modifying cache table name or schema, and turning the incremental load on or off.

Once the changes are implemented, right click on the virtual data model name in the Project Explorer and click on Build Archive (*.Car) for the Item.


Next, go to the Virtual Data Model Deployments monitor, change the Source Archive Path to the new archive file, and save the deployment.


The redeployment information will be appended to the existing deployment log. Astera Data Virtualization server will automatically transfer all changes to the cache database and reflect those in the virtual database entities as well. Simultaneously, the server will also update any changes made to the cache schedules and refresh the cache status.

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