Entity Cache Information

Users may choose to enable caching for one or more entities in a Virtual Data Model. Once the Virtual Data Model is deployed, the cache information is available in the Virtual Data Model Deployments Monitor.

Cache Status

The Cache Status column in the monitor shows the status of cache jobs. The status at the time of the deployment shows Cache Not Ready, which indicates that the cache jobs are in progress. All Entities Ready status means that all the cache jobs are successfully completed without any errors. If some cache jobs fail, the monitor shows the status as Some Entities in Error. If none of the cache jobs succeed, users will see the status as All Entities in Error.


The Cache Status on the monitor helps users debug and correct any errors that might have occurred in the deployment process.

Entity Cache Info Document Window


The Entity Cache Info window for a deployed Virtual Data Model opens when the user clicks on Entity Cache Details.. command in the Virtual Data Model Deployments Monitor. The Entities drop-down lists all the entities that are a part of the deployed Virtual Data Model.  Users may select any entity to view its cache information. 

Users can also view cache schedule for an entity by clicking on the command button next to the Cache Schedule label. The information for the last 10 cache jobs is displayed on the same screen. Users can also view the job log for any cache job by clicking on the Job Log... link in the same grid.

Viewing All Cache Jobs


All the cache jobs are saved in the Centerprise scheduler. Clicking on the flag will enable you to view all the cache jobs at once.

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