Project Deployment

Deployment is a way for setting up Centerprise Projects to run on the Scheduler. Deployment enables the use of a Config File on a Project Archive (*.car) file, making the selected Flow run independent of any local parameters.


Managing Deployments for a Cluster is done by selecting Deployments from the Cluster menu inside the Server Explorer tab. A Deployment is made up of a project .car file with an optional Config File for parameters. You can set up multiple Deployments with different configurations on the cluster.


The Deployment Directory for the cluster needs to be specified in the cluster settings.


The Deployment Directory is the location where the Deployment files will be stored for the server to access when a Deployment schedule is run.


Multiple Deployments can be configured on the Cluster on the Deployment Window. The top grid lists all of the Deployment Files configured. The bottom is the configuration for a new Deployment or the currently selected one.


Adding a new Deployment is done by clicking Add Deployment. Clicking Save will save a new Deployment or any changes made to the current Deployment selected. Clicking Delete will delete the currently selected Deployment.


A Deployment can be configured with the following settings:

  • Name – Uniquely identifies a Deployment for use on the Scheduler
  • Archive File Path – An archived copy of the Project file (*.car)
  • Config File Path – an optional file that can be used to specify parameters for the project. For more information about the Config File see Parameterization.
  • Comment – a comment for use in the Deployment list.


The Scheduler provides the ability to run a Deployment by selecting Deployment on the Schedule Type.


The Deployment can be selected on the drop down menu. The Start Item specifies the file that will run when the schedule gets triggered.

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