Apply To All Transformation

Apply To All Transformation

An ApplyToAll Transformation applies an Expression Transformation to all mapped elements. This transformation is useful when applying a common Expression Transformation to all data without the need to build multiple Expression Transformations.


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To use an ApplyToAll transformation, drag and drop the ApplyToAll from the Transform Group in the Flow toolbox to the flow designer.




Map all the data to the ApplyToAll transformation created on the flow designer. These are all the data that a common expression will be applied to.

The properties window is also where the expression to be applied is specified. A parameter called $FieldValue will be available for an expression to be applied to. This will represent all of the data that was mapped to the ApplyToAll transformation.


In this example, we are going to apply an Expression transformation to two string fields to convert them into lower case values.




The properties for ApplyToAll will give you the option to add an expression to a $FieldValue parameter. This will apply the expression to all of the mapped elements on the transformation.




The ApplyToAll transformation takes the MaritalStatus and Gender field parameters and transforms them to lower case values.

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