Supplying License Key Without a Prompt

Applies to versions 6.4.1 and greater.

In some cases, it may be beneficial to supply the license key (or serial number) without prompting the end user to do so.  For example, in a scenario where the end user does not have access to install software, a systems administrator may do this as part of a script.  In such a scenario, the admin may also be responsible for licensing each machine and to go through the licensing prompt for each user might not be feasible.  In these cases, the admin should use the alternative mechanism of placing the license key in a text  file.  

To use the key in a file approach, simply place the license key in a text file named "serial" with no extension.  Place this file along side the license file.  This will be found in the programdata folder of the system the application is installed in.  For example, if the application is Centerprise, you will find the Centerprise6Client.lic license file in the C:\ProgramData\Astera Software\Centerprise Data Integrator 6 directory.  Place the file named serial in the same directory.  The key must be the only thing in the file and it must be on the very first line.

Note that all license restrictions are still in effect and the only thing that was bypassed was the user prompt for the key.  

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