Silent Installation


Silent installation applies to versions 6.0 and greater of the following:

  • Centerprise Data Integrator
  • Report Miner
  • EDI Connect
  • Astera Integration Server


Centerprise and other products can be installed silently as part of a script by running the installer executable along with a few switches.  Note that the installer is made up of two items.  The first is a packaged file called setup.exe (prefixed with the application name).  This file contains all of the necessary files as well as the actual installer or .msi file.  Because of this there are switches and parameters for the setup.exe file and there are also switches for the .msi file.  Below is a table of all of the necessary switches and parameters for a successful silent installation.



Suppress the initialization dialog.  Necessary so the user*doesn't have to click the “install” button.



Uninstall.  Only use this to uninstall.  Omit to install.



Pass parameters to the MSI that is unpacked from the setup.exe.  Everything after this must be in double quotes.



Silent install.   Install silently accepting all default options.



The location where you want the product installed, e.g., c:\myprogramdir.  This is optional.  If omitted, it will install in the c:\programfiles or c:\programfiles (x86) dir.


Note in the table above, the /s, /x, and /v switches are the setup.exe.  This means that they must be used right after setup.exe in the command line (i.e., setup.exe /s /x /v).  Contrast this with the MSI parameters /qn and INSTALLDIR.  These must be placed after the /v setup parameter and be in quotes.  For example,

Setup.exe /s /v" INSTALLDIR=c:\myinstalldir /qn"

This will run the installer setup.exe suppressing the initialization dialog and run the MSI installer in silent mode, placing it at c:\myinstalldir.  Note the INSTALLDIR is optional.


An example of an uninstall would be:

Setup.exe /x /s /v" /qn"

Note the INSTALLDIR is not needed for uninstall. 

Also note the when running these commands, the installer will take a few seconds to complete and this will not be obvious as the command returns immediately.  

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