DB2 Connectivity with IBM iSeries

DB2 Connectivity with IBM iSeries



Shown below is the data base connection window used to connect Centerprise to the IBM iSeries server.




The IBM iSeries is a DB2 server.


User id:             Must be a valid user on the iSeries server


Password:         Must be the valid password associated with the user id.


Server Name:    the host name or IP address of the server


Database:         In order to determine the local Relational Data Base name, on the iSeries, issue the

command:    WRKRDBDIRE

When the 'Work with Relational Database Directory Entries' panel appears, you can find the desired value in column 'Relational Database' that maps to the column 'Remote Location' with a value of '*LOCAL' .


Port:                 446   (This is the port used for DB2 on the iSeries)


Port 446 is the default value. In DB2 for iSeries, there is only one database per iSeries machine, thus it is very unlikely the port is not 446.

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