Upgrading to 5.1.213+

Please follow the steps carefully to ensure that the upgrade goes smoothly.


Why this article?

We've made some changes to the way the server stores jobs on the server.  This necessitated changing the internal database Centerprise uses for remembering schedules and logs.  The structure has changed and the old database will not work  with builds 5.1.213 and above. 


To upgrade, you will have to do a few manual tasks in order for the MSI installer to function correctly.  If you fail to do these things, you will most likely get an error at the tail end of the installation or upgrade process.  This is due to the fact that the SQL CE .sdf files that Centerprise creates are not a part of the installed files.  This means that once Centerprise detects that this file exists, it will make no attempt to create the new one.  This means that even if you uninstall, you will still have the old .sdf file present.  You must delete or rename the old .sdf files.

Removing the Old Databases

There are two SQL Server CE databases that need to be removed / renamed.  One for the client and one for the server.  The client database will be found under your user directory and the server will be found under the all users' directory.  More specifically:

Windows XP / 2000

Server: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Astera Software\Astera Integration Server 5\ServerDb51.Sdf

Client:C:\Documents and Settings\build\Application Data\Astera Software\Centerprise Data Integrator\ClientDb51.Sdf

Windows Visat / 7 / Server 2008

server: C:\ProgramData\Astera Software\Astera Integration Server 5\ServerDb.Sdf

client:C:\Users\moquinn\AppData\Roaming\Astera Software\Centerprise Data Integrator\ClientDb51.Sdf


Remove the client sdf file by either deleting or renaming it.  There are no schedules kept here, so it is perfectly OK to just delete it.  Next, find the server sdf file (ServerDb51.sdf)  and either rename or delete it.  If you wish to retain your schedules, you should rename it and rename it to ServerDb51.bak.sdf.  Make sure you stop the Astera Integration Server 5 service  before doing this. 

Run The Installer

Now that you've gotten the old databases out of the way, you may now run the installer for the newer version of Centerprise.  Remember, that if you did not perform both steps above, you will either not successfully complete the install process or you will crash on start up.  If you have, go ahead and run the installer.  If you still have Centerprise installed, it will ask you to upgrade.  Click 'Yes' and the upgrade should go off without a hitch.

Copy your Schedules

Since this is a brand new database, your schedules have now been wiped out.  If you renamed the old server sdf file, we've provided a dataflow that will copy these for you.  You can find that dataflow attached here.

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Astera Software\Astera Integration Server 5\ServerDb51.Sdf

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    Topher Birth

    Windows Visat / 7 / Server 2008

    server: C:\ProgramData\Astera Software\Astera Integration Server 5\ServerDb.Sdf

    Should that actually be ServerDb51.Sdf?

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