Centerprise Error: Tables Are Not Populated

Database Tables List is Empty in Database Connection Screen


Applies to: Centerprise 5.0



In a dataflow, when using a database table source or destination, the list of tables is empty even though there are tables defined in the database. 



This is due to not specifying a server name in the database table connection details screen and using a local instance of the data provider.  Since not specifying a server instance will assume a local one, the connection succeeds, but Centerprise's internal validation fails, so it never attempts to retrieve the list of tables.



This is scheduled to be resolved in the 5.1 release of Centerprise.



To get past this, do one of two things:

  1. Fill out the server name property of the connection screen.
  2. Connect to the database in the data source browser and then drag-n-drop to the diagram window.  Hold down the "shift" key for a destination. 
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