Unlocking Centerprise with Serial Numbers

To use Centerprise, you must enter a trial key on the "Register Your Software" screen.  This is true of purchased licenses as well as for a trial basis. You must enter your name, your company name, and the serial number given to you by us.


Enter in the required information and click "Register".

At this point, the software will contact our licensing server and register this copy.  If this not a trial key, it will also lock this key to this machine and cannot be used again on another machine unless the key is deactivated via the "Deactivate License" wizard from within the product. 

If you enter a trial key, the registration screen will appear every time Centerprise is run.  It will detail how much time is available before the software stops working. 


To use the software at this point, click the "Try" button.  Do NOT click the Register button again.  This button is for entering in a new, non-trial key.


Note that if you downloaded the Enterprise Edition, you must repeat this process for the Server component as well.  You can reach the licensing for this screen through the "Start" menu in Windows.



If you have any issues with your serial number, try deleting the license file (.lic file) found in the Centerprise's shared data folder.  This can usually be found at

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Astera Software\

in XP and

C:\Program Data\Astera Software\

in Vista / Windows 7

In this folder, you'll find a sub folder for both the client and the server depending on which edition was downloaded. 

Note: you might have to change folder settings to view the file as Windows will sometimes mark it has hidden.

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