March Maintenance Release is Now Available

The Centerprise Data Integrator release for March is now available.  This is build  There was no maintenance release for January or February.  The biggest change / fixed area was that of expressions.  If you have had any weirdness in this area, definitely download this build.  Also, if you use the Report Model feature at all, there is quite a big upgrade here with the addition of a quick export feature. 


Among the fixes in this one:

  • Fixed an issue where some xml schemas would not process correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where default values for null values were coming up with an arbritrary value (e.g. 1/1/0001 for dates or 0 for integers).
  • Fixed an error that would appear that read, "Nullable object must have a value" when dividing in an expression in some cases.
  • Updates the Postgres driver which itself contains fixes such as writing concurrently to multiple tables.
  • Fixed IsNull and IsNotNull functions that were broken in previous release.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause an "object reference not set..." error when running a workflow.  The work-around for it was to restart the Integration Server.
  • Fixed an XML error that would produce "XML Destination: An item with the same key has already been added."  
  • Fixed an issue with the trace output window while running a job
  • Fixed an issue with "Append Region" element in the Report Minding module
  • Fixed the problem of not being able to deactivate a Report Miner license.
  • Fixed an issue of version 6 licenses interfering with version 5 licenses and vice versa.  

If upgrading, from 6.0, you'll have to re-run the repository installer.  Otherwise, just run the installers and click "yes" when it prompts to upgrade.


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