December maintenance release is now available for download

We have a new update available for Centerprise.  This build is and has a ton of fixes and improvements.  The biggest item is the improvements for expressions.  We have improved the performance of these by over 60%.  So if you use a lot of expressions in your dataflows, you'll definitely want to install this build.  The version is 6.2, but it should just install right over the previous version installed.

Here is a rundown of some of the other items fixed:


  • Fixed an issue where null integers were being treated as a zero
  • Added a public proxy server interface to the API
  • Fixed a mapping bug that would result in a "object reference not set to an instance..." error
  • Fixed an issue where the ToString function was not formatting decimals correctly
  • Dramatically improved expression performance
  • Corrected datatypes for PostgreSQL
  • Fixed bug where client would crash if server was unavailable.
  • Changed behavior of expressions so they error out instead of defaulting (reverted to version 5 behavior)
  • SQL Query Source will now resolve parameters when building the layout
  • GUIDS are now supported for SQL lookups
  • Added an option to preserve leading spaces from a data source

Please let us know if you have any issues or questions for this release.


Happy New Year!

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