Centerprise 6.0 May Maintenance Release Now Available

The maintenance release for Centerprise 6.0 for May is now available.  There was no release for April, so this one has quite a few fixes in it.  The biggest area of fixes for this release is in the area of parameterization.   There are quite a few other fixes as well.  Some of these are listed below:

  • Fixed issue where REST call would call over and over again if query parameters fed in from outside
  • Fixed bug where $() parameters were not resolving properly in workflow
  • Removed restriction that required transformations to have an outgoing map.
  • Fixed a foreign language issue in which look-ups would give different results when using a static cache.
  • Fixed crash in client when removing objects from the route transformation
  • Fixed a bug in which server log was only showing the first 50 rows
  • Added support for HTML formatted emails
  • Fixed issue in which REST call was now allowed to be a singleton in workflow
  • Fixed bug in which aggregates were not working for decimal types
  • Added option to stop trimming leading spaces when using the fixed length parser
  • Fixed issue where the delimited builder was triggering a false "only allowed to follow one transformation" error.
  • Fixed bug where tables with a SYS suffix were being filtered out from data source browser.
  • Fixed bug in which the sql lookup was adding an "IN_" prefix every time it was used.
  • Fixed error where IsNull funtion was returning wrong results.
  • Fixed issue that prevented daisy-chaining expressions in workflow
  • Fixed a bug in lookups when using SQL Azure
  • Added function "Proper".  This makes strings proper case.
  • Fixed a casting error with Tree Join
  • Fixed bug where the DroppedFilePath was not getting populated
  • Fixed bug which resulted in a "null reference error" when using "build layout from spec"
  • Fixed bug where jobs would get stuck in "initializing" state
  • Added ability to change the number of concurrent jobs running
  • Fixed issue where server information would show both local and UTC times
  • FIxed crash that happened when trying to set the server's profile
  • Fixed issue where DataDump would hang
  • Fixed "Key not present..." error when a loop follows a decision in workflow

To upgrade, run both the client and server installers.  Click "yes" when it asks you to upgrade.






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