September / October Maintenance Release Now Available

A new maintenance release is now available for Centerprise.  This build contains quite a few fixes especially in the memory management area.  The biggest change probably comes from the way we handle traces now.  In previous versions, Centerprise would gather up a set of messages and keep updating a single field in the repository database.  This would gradually grow to a crippling level if the job was sufficiently large enough.  In this version, it will write to a new table.  For this reason, make sure you create a new repository using the "Build Cluster Database" command.  My advice would be to point to a new database rather than overwriting the current repository.  You can always copy existing schedules this way.  A few of the other fixes:

  • Fixed an error with the Postgresql driver
  • Fixed a "Astera.Functions.MathFunctions.Abs(double?)' or 'Astera.Functions.MathFunctions.Abs(decimal?)" error
  • Fixed several "system out of memory" errors
  • Fixed a problem with address correction
  • Improved performance of large looped jobs by orders of magnitude
  • Fixed  "Command did not generate any data records" issue
  • Fixed problem where truncate table option would not always work when writing to a target table
  • Fixed  a crash that would sometimes happen when processing very large numbers
  • Fixed a problem where a job could not terminate from the "Jobs" list
  • Fixed an issue where the aggregate was giving incorrect results in specific cases
  • Fixed a problem restricting hourly schedules
  • Fixed a "Data Dump" error
  • Added ability to use expression elements in SQL Query Source parameters
  • Fixed problem adding existing folders to projects
  • Fixed issue with SFTP connection
  • Added support for Int32 parameters in web services
  • Fixed problem where leading spaces where being trimmed from char(n) data

You'll also notice the trace UI is slightly different in this one.  It is now a continually scrolling grid that fetches data on-demand.  This was a necessary change to prevent the UI from crashing now that it can handled an unlimited amount of traces. 


Please let us know if you have any issues upgrading.



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