June Maintenance Release Now Available

The maintenance build for Centerprise for June is now available (version 5.1.432.0).  There was not maintenance build for May.  You can find the builds here:


32 bit: http://www.astera.com/download/centerprise5_1/cdi5_1

64bit: http://www.astera.com/download/centerprise5_1/cdi5_1_64


Fixes and additions:

  • Fixed issue where Centerprise was locking Excel files.
  • Changed the way unique names are generated for log files.  Now uses job ID as date was problematic for jobs running in parallel.
  • Added the ability to defer to a Centerprise layout when reading a database table.  In the previous version, the layout datatypes would get refreshed to match what was in the table.  This is useful if you want to read a value as text instead of as the datatype found in the database and not have Centerprise automatically parse it.
  • Fixed error with absolute paths.  However, this will affect only new flows.  Existing flows that have been touched by this error will have to be re-saved.
  • Fixed the "Run-always" link type in workflow.  
  • Fixed an issue with the "Display Schema" command in the data-source browser.
  • Added a tweak to the server log to avoid conflicts when writing.
  • Completely re-did the installer.  You cannot upgrade over a previous version with this one.  You must uninstall the previous version before installing this one.  To avoid having to re-license the product, we suggest you back up the .lic files before uninstalling and then overwriting them after you install the new version.
  • Fixed bug with denormalize where it would eat the last record in a special case
  • Added ability to use a shared connection info with the Diff Processor
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