Centerprise 5 Maintanence Release for March Now Available

The monthly maintenance release for Centerprise is now available (5.1.405.1)  Please get it here:

.  Among this fixes in this release:

  • "Failure; I/O Error" error when downloading FTP files fixed.
  • "An item with the same key has already been added" when loading dataflows fixed.
  • "Unable to cast object of type 'Astera.Transfer.RecordObject' to type 'Astera.Transfer.Record'" error fixed.
  • Fix a UI issue where "Bulk Insert with batch size" was stuck at 10k.
  • Fixed an installer error where it was not prompting for SQL Server CE during the install.
  • Fixed UI issue where "Do not process records with errors" option was not being honored.
  • Fix a timeout issue encountered when dealing with a large number of FTP files.
  • "Unable to read beyond end of stream" error when using the SCD component fixed.
  • Fixed an annoyance where you had to provide a staging directory path just to change email settings.
  • Added view support for MySQL
  • Fixed error where Centerprise would not delete all records from a database table.
  • Fixed error encountered when trying to write some date values into access.

Important updates bolded above.  Please note that this is for the 32bit version of Centerprise only.  We will make an announcement for the 64 bit version in the next couple of days.  There was no maintenance build for February.

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