Centerprise 5 January Maintenance Release is Now Available

There was no release in December, so this is the first maintenance release since November.  Among the issues fixed / features added:

  • Fixed bug where ending notification email was not being send if job starting email was sent.
  • Fixed bug where the type of Excel to write to was reversed.  Xlsx was writing an .xls type of file.  This resulted in an unnecessary record limit cap.
  • Fixed a bug where mapping a Quickbooks account type resulted in a "invalid cast"
  • Fixed issue where 2 emails would be sent out in the case of abnormal termination of a job run.
  • Fixed workflow issue that was preventing flow from following error link.
  • Fixed issue writing to Dynamics CRM when Owner was being mapped and would result in the "Please check the map for this attribute" error message.
  • Fixed precision error writing to Float data types in database tables using bulk insert.
  • Added "Array Insert" feature for certain database providers.  A little slower than bulk insert, but does things like fire triggers and sequence objects.
  • Fixed error writing to Quickbooks Customer object when data had an '&' character in it.
  • Fix Lookup component when writing to Dynamics CRM.  It was ignoring the "WHERE" part.
  • Fixed bug where relative paths for projects would be messed up if project was mapped to a network share.
  • Fixed bug where dates were being written incorrectly for UK MS Sql Server databases.  Centerprise was giving MM/DD/YYYY format instead of the required DD/MM/YYYY format.
  • Fixed issue where a large dataflow using a sql statement where clause would sometimes give the "collection was modified..." error.

Important fixes / additions are bolded.  If you've received a notification from us about a release addressing an issue as a "hot-fix" but did not feel comfortable installing the inerim release, this is the build you are looking for.  Please download from the following location and install.  Select the "yes" answer to the upgrade prompt.

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