Centerprise Maintenance Release for September Now Available.

Hi All.  A little late, but here nonetheless.  This month's update includes a few a couple critical fixes and small additions we think you'll find useful.  Notable are:

  • Fixed critical issue where parenthesis were being stripped out of expressions.  This had the effect of changing precedence in some cases.
  • Fixed issue where log file was getting locked and not let go after a job run.
  • Added shared connection info option to sources and db lookups.  This allows you to specify the connection in one spot for all dataflows.
  • Fixed log file "auto append" feature for file names.
  • Fixed critical server issue that would get stuck in a loop sending out many emails for one job.
  • Fixed small issue with job scheduler where it would sometimes not save an updated schedule.
  • Empty text files are no longer treated as erroneous.

You can find the build (5.1.349.1) here:




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    Ebell, June

    Thank you for the documentation on the releases!!!  I look forward to using the shared action piece for sources and lookups.  I stopped using it because it only applied to destinations.

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