Centerprise Help Videos

Getting Started Videos and Help Videos
We’ve been hard at work based on customer feedback on two kinds of videos designed to help Astera users become familiar with Centerprise quickly.

Getting Started Videos
The first are Getting Started Videos. These are designed to help users get a running start You’ll go through a tutorial while being accompanied by a corresponding video of the tutorial project. These videos are hosted on our Youtube Channel , as well as embedded in web pages that are installed alongside the product.

Help Videos
The second set of videos are Help videos. These are direct, one to one, video representations of our help files. For example, if there is a help topic on sorting, then there is also a video discussing just that topic in complete detail. Once our Help has been re-vamped, these videos will be embedded directly in the help topic web page.

In addition to being embedded in these installed web pages / chm file, these videos will also be placed embedded in pages in a section of our website dedicated just to these videos. Most likely, this will be a grid with a brief description and a thumbnail of the video.
We’re sure you’ll find these useful

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